As we know that Black Friday is approaching and before the big day for the shoppers, Snapchat launched a new feature in its new update. This feature provides you a new shopping channel in the Discovery tab. This feature is named as the SHOP AND COP shopping channel. Through this feature, the users will get the deals of ecommerce from multiple brands offering their discounts and deals for the day. You can get the deals and discounts on the items offered by various brands at one place and you will not have to switch from the app.

In this channel, the social media followers will get the deals on different products from various brands through one platform and this was enabled with the help of Shopify. Through Shopify, Snapchat is enabled to curate the brands and their offers for the Black Friday sale.

These deals are of limited time and they will be in the discovery tab for some hours which will be mentioned over these snaps about the time remaining in these offers. But there is one condition that the users will have to subscribe for this channel and also for the individual brands for which they are providing the snap deals. Through subscribing the channels and brands, Snapchat can help increasing the awareness of brands and deals, as well as they will help the brands to engage with the customers in a better way. Boosting the audience for better engagement and enhancing the brand awareness will also help them to get more Snap audience which will be in their favor.

Snapchat has not yet declared that how this update and offer will help them to take the cut of these transactions. Anyhow this new update will play an important role in the eCommerce and facilitate and enhance the online shopping experience for the users. Through this channel, the users can place their orders and buy these products from different brands just by using Snapchat. In our opinion, this is the start of the testing ground for checking the integration of Snapchat with Shopify. They might be planning to merge the other features and options of Shopify with the Snapchat app in future by entertaining more merchants of Shopify rather than sharing the deals of some specific brands. This will be a great step to improve the brand awareness and engagement of the users and provide the users a facility of convenient shopping.

The limited time offer can be a great strategy for now for Snapchat to share the deals. New option of the shopping channel in the app with a limited time offer may help them to get the response of the audience and it will further help them to work on it if any improvement is required. Limited time offer will help them to make effective strategies for this new eCommerce integrated Snap for the future. Response of the audience in a limited time can be the data for their behavior research and a path to create new strategies.