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Category: Entertainment

5 Facts you don’t know about Eminem Adopted Daughter Whitney Scott Mathers

Eminem is not secretive when it comes to his private life. Even she sang many songs about his personal demons that were an insight into the issues he’s faced over the years, from childhood to his relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott and issues related to drugs and violence. He survived with these issues that he faced over the time, became an inspiration for his fans. He revealed about his family and relationship in public through his lyrics that depicts his anger and frustrations for his relationship with his ex-wife Kim.

He has been also cited negatively about his biological father in his songs whom he’s never met in his life. But he always showed great love towards his daughters Hailie, Whitney, and Alaina. This post, we will discuss some unknown facts about Whitney Scott Mathers that connected to Eminem himself. Let’s have a look to know some interesting facts about Whitney who is a part of the convoluted family network of famous rapper Eminem.

She is adopted daughter of Eminem

Whitney is the adopted daughter of legendary rapper Eminem as he received her sole custody when her mother. Kimberly Scott was involved in drug possession. She was born when her mother Kim was in a relationship with convicted criminal Eric Hatter after her separation from Eminem. He is a biological daughter of Kim Scott and Eric Hatter after their brief relationship. Eminem loves her like her own daughter Hailie Jade Mathers.

Her Biological Dad was an ex-convict

Whitney’s biological father, Eric Hatter has had several run-ins with the Police due to drug charges. He was convicted criminal and faced many charges when he was in a relationship with her mother. Her mother, Kimberly Scott has litigated for visitation rights on the behalf of Mr. Hatter but soon Eminem holds the full custody of Scott as her mother was drug addicted.

She has two siblings:

Most of the people have speculated that Eminem has four kids while others think the world’s most famous rapper has only one kid. Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. Eminem has one biological daughter who was born in 1995 when he was in a relationship with his ex-wife Kim Scott. Her first daughter, Hailie is 22 years old and studying at Michigan State University. Eminem also adopted the daughter of Dawn Scott who is the sister of his ex-wife Kim Scott. She died due to the drug overdose in 2016. So Whitney has two sisters Hailie and Alaina Mathers.

Whitney Scott Mathers’ Boyfriend

Nobody really knows about her dating history or boyfriend as Whitney Scott Mathers is just 16 years old now. She probably isn’t dating with anyone yet.

Net Worth:

No one knows about her net worth as she is studying, just yet. She likely lives a luxurious life as her father is a multi-millionaire man with his music earnings. Currently, her father’s estimated net worth is around $200 million.


Whitney Scott Mathers is considered as a lucky girl as she has two father and four grandparents. Yet her maternal family is not known. We hope you enjoyed this incredible journey with us. Leave a comment in the comment section.

Maria Victoria Henao’s life Biography

Maria Victoria Henao was the wife of late Pablo Escobar who was the drug lord. He was the richest drug criminal at that time which made her life a mixture of extravagance and misery as she faced a lot of troubles in her life due to her husband’s bad reputation. She is widely known as the window of a Colombian narco-terrorist, Pablo. Despite his criminal background and extramarital affairs, she remained by his side through thick and thin. She was married to Escobar until he was shot dead in 1993. Afterward, Henao led a miserable life along with her two children.


She was born in Colombia, in the year 1961. She hails from Colombia. Mario’s elder brother worked with Escobar when he was at the early stage of his small-scale drug enterprise. Her brother became the important member of his drug crime when Pablo met her when she was her tender age of 13. Love blossomed between the two and they decided to tie the knot but her father was not agreed with this marriage due to his lower social status. This forced the love-struck couple to elope when Maria was just 15 years old teenager. On the other hand, Escobar was at the age of 27 when he got married to Henao. The couple welcomed their first child after one year of their marriage in 1977. Maria spent seventeen years of her life with drug lord Pablo Escobar before he was shot dead by Colombian Police in 1993.


While Maria Victoria Henao spent a life of millionaire being a wife of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar but she was also a fashion designer and businesswoman. She is not known by her career rather than she is known to the world as Mrs. Escobar. Pablo ran Medline Cartel that smuggled more than 80% of drugs into the United States of America in the 70’s and 80’s.

Relationship with Pablo Escobar:

Maria’s relationship with her budding criminal husband was great but he was involved in several extramarital affairs and had had many mistresses. His affair with a renowned journalist, Virginia Vallejo made the headlines in mainstream media but Henao stuck by his side despite knowing everything about her husband’s well-known affair and his other mistresses.

This thing sparked many speculations about Maria as most of the people think that she loves his husband unconditionally that made her bear Escobar’s flaws. Virginia Vallejo wrote in her book ‘Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar’ that “Henao was addicted to the extravagant lifestyle that she had with the drug lord”.

Maria Victoria Henao’s Net Worth:

Maria decided to lead the life under a shadow after the death of her husband, so there is no information about her profession and net worth. However, her husband was one of the richest criminals in the world at that time with an estimated net worth of $30 billion.


Maria Victoria Henao is now 56 years old and currently living in Buenos Aires along with her family. Maria changed her name to María Isabel Santos Caballero to hide her identity from the world after the demise of her husband.